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What you wear truly makes or breaks your session! It's incredibly important to wear outfits that complete the story you want to tell through your images and that you feel amazing in! But that sounds so stressful and expensive right? I am coming to your rescue!


When you book your session with me, you can have as much or as little say in what you want to wear. But over the years I have discovered a few things-

1- my clients are always so stressed about shopping and figuring out outfits,

2- shopping for outfits just to wear for pictures can be EXPENSIVE.

3- expert advice is so helpful and can enhance your images a TON!

So... I am here to help! Check out more info below!


For all WRP clients, I offer an exclusive client closet full of various pieces for you to borrow for your session AT NO EXTRA COST! From maxi dress to sitter outfits, girl gowns and accessories, I have you covered.


Once you book your session, you will receive an email with info to begin the styling process. In the email with be a link to all of my outfits as well as options to shop for. An in person or virtual styling appointment will take place to create your perfect look!


It is ALL in the details! We don't just stop at outfits. We accessorize, we talk hair and makeup, blankets, props, everything down to what color underwear you need... no but seriously.


Some of the gowns and outfits I have invested in are extra special. If you're bougie like me (insert hair flip emoji) and want to wear quality clothing, you've come to the right place! It's very important to me that you feel like your best self for your session!

Scroll through some of the pieces below!

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