meet the faces behind willow rae photography

Hiya! we are Brittany + Kelly!

We're hardly ever serious so we apologize in advance. But we promise to make all your photo dreams come true! We met when Kelly reached out to Brittany for a photoshoot of her family and the rest is history! Our hearts are most full when we make you feel amazing. As moms, we know how rewarding it is to feel beautiful. So our hope is to remind you how wonderfully made you are on top of capturing the magic! I promise we are loads of fun and only slightly weird.

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Simply put — we want to make you smile.


a HARD enneagram 3.

Mama to Willow.

Married the cute guitar player.

Buffalo sauce is life.

But also Jesus.

Loves to teach, wants to learn.

Fart jokes.

Minimalist. Organizer.

Disney nerd.

Red Bulls give me wings.

Hates getting the hiccups + wasps.

Bucket list travel spot: Italy.


Enneagram 9.

Toddler mama to Vivi.

Married her MySpace sweetheart.

Hearts Harry Potter + Hanson.

Scoffs at off-brand coffee. Only Starbucks here.

Plant + Nature lover.

Fears butterflies + stilt walkers....



Candle hoarder.

Enjoys a nice stroll.

Bucket list travel spot: Costa Rica.

Katie Shoeman

I was initially nervous about getting some good shots of my kids- especially my sometimes moody 3 year old, but Brittany exceeded any hopes I had. She got SO many amazing shots of both of them, made them laugh, and overall created such a fun and relaxed environment for all of us. The photos are so beautiful, authentic and meaningful- I can hardly wait to get them on display!

gretchen welty

She was so sweet, gentle and patient with our six day old baby girl. She even changed her diaper (twice). She was also amazing with our two boys, and even got my husband to smile. She listened to our ideas, and then far exceeded our expectations. She really took her time to get everything just perfect. Every penny was well worth our pictures, as well as our experience. We proudly have her work hanging on our walls (multiple places in our home) and will cherish those memories for our lifetime.

sarah abeyta

Brittany has been doing our pictures for years and is simply the best there is. She runs her business with honor and integrity; she never settles and is always perfecting her craft. My favorite thing about her, is when you think your kids ruined the family pictures, she somehow comes through with an album of the perfect family, and you wonder how this even happened and were you there? She is a talented stylist as well, and her client closet is perfection.. this addition to her business is priceless. If you want the best, you’re in the right place.