You are bigger than the storm...

This session was unlike any other. Let me explain...

I've watched this beautiful friend of mine battle many wars.

I've watched her struggle, and I've watched her overcome.

I've seen her fight, and I've seen a victory every time.

So naturally the day of her session became her testimony.

Lexie and Nick were tried. The storms came rolling in.

Everything was up against them this day. We almost cancelled.

I drove an hour through a torrential downpour while on my way to the shoot.

I really had my doubts, but Lexie wasn't giving up that easily.

After a few shots this massive storm cloud came rolling in again. And we almost turned back. We almost threw in the towel. But Lexie said let's go. And Nick and I followed bravely behind.

When the winds started to blow, she threw her hands up and twirled.

When the sky got darker, she laughed and danced, her hair blowing all around.

Was she scared? probably. Was she going to give up? no way.

We saw the storm, it was here. But we chose to laugh in it, we chose to dance. We followed her lead and wouldn't you know it.... a raindrop never touched us.

If there's anything I've learned from Lexie it's this-

face the storm. do it afraid. press into God. and then press in more.

He is for you, not against you.

And he will in fact, make ALL things work together for good.

He is sovereign.

He can be trusted.

He is on your side and when you partner with him,

nothing is impossible.

He has a plan, he has a purpose.

He turns beauty for ashes.

He is good.

He is able.

He is GOD.