Brinne + Tyler : A Story of hope

As a photographer, I get to share the most intimate moments with people. Some moments are beautiful, some are heartbreaking, some are inspiring. This one was all of the above.

Meeting these two, I never would've guessed the pain they've endured. The joy, the hope and the love that exuded from them was contagious. But just months prior, Brinne gave birth to their first baby Eric and lost him just one hour after.

As a mom, this is a pain I never want to feel. This is a pain nobody should have to feel. If you ask Brinne, she will tell you she finds peace knowing she will see Eric again someday, and she knows without a doubt that he is in the loving arms of Jesus.

We may never know the answers to our questions here Earthside, but one thing I know for sure is God is good, He is faithful, and He will always make beauty for ashes.

The proof is here in these images as Brinne and Tyler get ready to welcome their rainbow baby.

What an honor to tell their story.

Thank you Brinne and Tyler for choosing me.