What a weekend!!!

There is nothing I love more than teaching! Nothing I love more than watching others believe in themselves, seeing their eyes light up and having AHA! moments! Pouring into others fills me up! It's just the most amazing feeling.

These girls came from all over. Some local, from Minnesota, South Carolina, Dallas, Colorado, etc.

They joined us for three days of knowledge, empowerment and FUN.

During these workshops, we not only teach practical things, business tricks and photography techniques.

We also dig into what makes them, well THEM.

And if there are any lies they came there believing about themselves, we tear them down.

Thursday night we got to know the girls. Because of the weather (thanks STL) we had to meet virtually. It was kind of a bummer but hey, when you're a photographer you have to adapt. And we did! I was so proud of the girls! We played a fun virtual game and got to know each of them a bit more so that Friday we could hit the ground running with all the things!

Friday morning we started off with a charcuterie pancake bar, dove into consult call training and styling! We talked about what it means to truly invest and connect in your client. After that we got to photograph the sweetest little family of three (main photo on this blog). We had to take a little break for Tessa to eat, but again- adapted! We took it step by step, didnt put any pressure on the family, and truly capture them as they are. Bottle feeding and all <3

Next we took a break for some local sandwiches for lunch! And talked about social media a little.

Then it was off to our afternoon shoot at Verde greenhouse which did not disappoint! We had a family of four. Mom, dad, toddler boys and oh did I mention mama was preggo with twin girls?! Amber attended our last workshop and she is the sweetest thing!

Post-session, we headed back to my studio to begin the editing and order some pizza! This is always my fave part because we just get to hang out while seeing all of our images come to life!

The next day we came back to the studio, had some donuts/cereal and put some finishing touches on the editing.

We also had some time to dive into pricing, confidence, and share some stories of our personal experiences.

Seeing the girls open up about struggles, wins, ask questions and just get INSPIRED is the cake for me.

I swear every workshop we leave with some new best friends.

I love these girls to pieces and I sure love my job! Sometimes I can't even believe I get to do this!!!